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    One Thing Making My Day

    A quickie post. Yoga with Adriene. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube videos yet, right now is the time to do it. They are free, and there is something for everyone. Ev. Er. Y. One. Including you! Try it. I promise you’ll feel better about your day. Just do it. She does a calendar of videos every month as well, I e been doing that too. I’m a couple days behind, but there’s no guilt. Find What Feels Good is the main mantra. Just breathe. And move. What are you waiting for? Go, now!

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    Guilt and Remission

    One day in and I want to give up. Trying to find the time to write a to do list is hard enough, carving out time to make this happen for 30 days is excruciatingly difficult. But it needs to happen. I can feel my jaw tighten at the end of the day because I am empty, empty, empty after giving it all away. I used to enjoy doing this. It used to give something back to me. Blogging. Letting the feelings flow from my fingertips to the keyboard and leaving it there. So, here I am, trying again. These posts are going to ramble, and be raw and real…

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    November Thanks and Giving

    November brings in a lot of oppositions. The colors have faded from the trees and there’s glimpses of snow, winter and holidays right around the corner. The cold brings a sense of cozy and thoughts of relaxing into warm blankets and flickering candles as you snuggle up with a good Netflix or maybe even (!) a book. Then you venture outside into the gusty winds and stomp through a freezing puddle soaking through your shoes and suddenly your shoulders are up to your ears as tears form in your eyes from the icy blast of air smacking your face. Thoughts of spending Thanksgiving with family and friends bring up feelings…

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