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November Thanks and Giving

November brings in a lot of oppositions. The colors have faded from the trees and there’s glimpses of snow, winter and holidays right around the corner. The cold brings a sense of cozy and thoughts of relaxing into warm blankets and flickering candles as you snuggle up with a good Netflix or maybe even (!) a book. Then you venture outside into the gusty winds and stomp through a freezing puddle soaking through your shoes and suddenly your shoulders are up to your ears as tears form in your eyes from the icy blast of air smacking your face.

Thoughts of spending Thanksgiving with family and friends bring up feelings of love, gratitude and belonging… until you remember Uncle Barry’s ranting political views and the way Aunt Bea always snides about how you feed your children and cousin Al brought beef sticks as a side dish again. Suddenly you’re looking at how much a trip to Florida would be and if there’s a way to skip the holidays this year.

Finding ways to remember the good parts of the season can be tricky, but I find that gratitude and generousity can be a great start.In November’s past, I’ve done a thirty day gratitude practice on Instagram (@jacklynhopes), and I’m bringing that back this year, but on here instead. I might put some extra things over on the gram so give me a follow if you’re not already, but I’m doing it here on purpose. I want to write.

Over the last year I’ve had some MAJOR life changes. I went in to deep remission with ulcerative colitis and was able to come off of my infusions. I grew a human being and brought her into the world. I recovered from a c section and breastfed her (still do). And I’ve been raising her for the last 8 months. And she’s beautiful and I could go on and on but look at the bottom of the post and you’ll see what I mean (or check Instagram bc that’s all my feed is these days). I quit my office job of 7 years to stay home and care for her. And I’ve barely picked up a pen and paper, let alone a typed anything, hopeful or heartfelt on keyboard. Maybe ten times.

That ends here. I’m driving in to November with a movement (Movember, if you will) of writing and gratitude. 30 days of blog posts. Do you like 30 day streaks? Join me? Let me know below or find me on Instagram or Twitter. I’m using the same hashtag as years past, #flareuphopethanksandgiving, and would love to see your posts too. Looking forward to going through the month with you. Hope and hugs to you.