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    (Be The Cactus) Kenz

    Originally Published September 6, 2017 The lovely woman I’m about to introduce to you all this week is perhaps one of the most resilient human beings I have come to know. Her posts are honest, raw and give a clear picture of what life with autoimmune disease(s) is like. Even though she has been through plenty of trials and tribulations, Kenzie has faith and remains beautiful and looks for the good through it all. Her motto, #bethecactus, is so fitting to describe her. Make sure to check her and her sweet dog Ophie out on her website here and Instagram @accordingtokenz   (Update: her new handle is @bethecactuskenz  Thank you so…

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    Jordan Wilson

    I was lucky enough to meet Jordan in person at an Ulcerative Colitis Patient Panel hosted by Pfizer about a year ago. He was one of the first patients with a jpouch that I had ever met in person, and he gave me hope that if I ever had to take that route for treatment, my life wouldn’t be over. Instead of letting the diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis shatter his life, he’s taken this new lifestyle as a second chance to enjoy as much as possible. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions and share your story, Jordan! When were you diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis?  I was…

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    Nicole (Paleo Hope)

    Originally Published August 16, 2017 Cheers to another Hope Warrior Wednesday! This week our featured warrior is Nicole. Nicole is a sweet mom, wife and fellow spoonie who shares her faith and hope on her blog and instagram posts. Make sure to stop by and tell her hello, and find some delicious recipes on her website! 🙂 Thank you, Nicole! What chronic condition or illness are you currently battling? When I was 24 I was diagnosed with endometriosis.  However at the time my doc didn’t explain how it’s an autoimmune disease or how to help support my body.  So life went on and I lived in blissful ignorance.  At age…

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    Amber Tresca (About IBD)

    Today I bring you, in my humble opinion, the guru of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease): Amber Tresca. Amber is an IBD advocate. She works hard to bring forth the facts about IBD, answer questions and support patients as the navigate the confusing paths that these diseases take us down. She does amazing work on her blog, podcast, twitter chats and all of the articles she writes. Amber is the real deal when it comes to advocacy, and I’m so honored to share a bit about her here. Thanks for participating and all that you do, Amber!  When were you diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis? I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in…

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    Callie Dixon (River + Quill)

    Originally published August 2, 2017 Have you ever come across an Instagram post and just thought, “YES! This is my language! Finally someone is speaking it.” Well, Callie at @riverandquill is this person for me. I found myself nodding my head, smiling, laughing, tearing up and saying OH MY GOSH YES to so many of her interview responses. She has an amazing talent for writing, and I think many of you will find her journey with chronic illness, hope, and grief very relatable. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle in to read my interview with Callie to below. Make sure check out her social media and then…

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    Kristen Boehmer (Living Loving Paleo)

    Originally Published September 14, 2016   It’s a new Hope Warrior Wednesday! I’m so happy I get to share a little bit of Kristen’s story and how she copes with having a chronic illness. She’s a busy gal, but was able to answer a few questions. Make sure to check out her website Living Loving Paleo and her instagram @livinglovingpaleo for some mouthwatering food photography and her life with Crohn’s Disease. Meet Kristen! I was checking out your story on your website (I will link it here), and boy have you been on an unbelievable journey. I know you were young when you were first diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, but do you remember how you…

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    Courtney Maiorino

    Wooie it’s been a while. As per usual. Sorry about that. I would give an explanation, but I’ve truly just been busy and enjoying life. Not going to apologize for that because you should be doing that too! That’s part of why I’m so excited to share with you this featured Hope Warrior. I first found Courtney on instagram under an IBD hashtag, but loved the hashtag she uses most, #thrivingNOTfighting. What an awesome concept. With any autoimmune disease, fighting for your life is sometimes a daily task, and sometimes it is literally what your are doing. This mantra, if you will, isn’t really for that literal fighting for your…

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    Jenn Leigh

    Originally Published May 6, 2015 I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. I’m a bad blogger. I promise I’m working on things, I just don’t want to put stuff out there that I’m not proud of, and I want to make sure what I’m posting has a focus. That said, I won’t fail in bringing you a monthly Hope Warrior because 1) I think it’s awesome, 2) I really like doing it and 3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, these are some incredibly awesome people that deserve to have their story read and shared. They inspire me every day. Without further ado..please read Jennifer’s story. Share it. Take hope from it.…

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    Sarah Choueiry

    Originally Published April 1, 2015 Hi folks.  Can you believe it’s April? Thank the Lord tax season is about to be over and my work schedule will calm down a bit.  Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. Unfortunately,  my real job has priority right now as it pays for the superwoman infusions I get every 8 weeks that keep me standing. Please forgive me for my absence, and welcome April’s Hope Warrior. If you haven’t had a chance to connect with Sarah Choueiry of the Crohn’s journey foundation, you’re a fool. Jk. But really. She’s amazing and has such an awesome energy. Links to her social media accounts are…

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