• My Ulcerative Colitis Journey

    Hope in Support Systems

    Originally Published April 22, 2014: I have never been as sick in my life as I have been over this last week and a half. I’m starting to feel like there’s some improvement on the horizon though. I wasn’t able to make it to work today, but I did, so far at least, keep my bathroom visits under 10. I don’t know what the deal is but I seem to be the sickest in the middle of the night. Starting around 1 or 2 I’ll be up every few hours with some severe cramping and the usual toiletry images. This happened again last night but I was able to go…

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  • My Ulcerative Colitis Journey

    Why I Choose Hope

    Originally Published March 26, 2014 Hope keeps me alive. Not that I felt was going to die in the first place, but it keeps me feeling alive. When I was first diagnosed with a disease that has no cure, and no reason, I felt nothing. You have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Said the doctor after my colonoscopy. There isn’t a cure. But we’re going to try to get it into remission with a treatment plan. Okay. I said. And my mom drove me home. I was okay when I called my dad and told him the diagnosis. I was okay after my mom left to go to class. I was…

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