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    The Wolf and Unicorn (Cass)

    Hi everyone!  Happy Warrior Wednesday. It’s invisible illness month. I wanted to bring attention to the lovely Cass, the person behind The Wolf and Unicorn. If anyone knows what it’s like to have an invisible illness, it’s her. She battles each one with a fierce attitude, and is always sharing encouragement with anyone else fighting the same fight. Send some love her way and check out her blog, instagram or twitter! Happy March, hoping spring arrives quickly if you’re dealing with any of this crazy winter like we have been. Now read on to find out more about The Wolf and Unicorn. She has some great insight on coping with…

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  • Hope Warriors

    Becky Mason

    Originally Published September 17, 2014 One of my dearest friends is the feature for this week’s hope warrior. Becky was diagnosed with lupus a few years ago and other diseases have surfaced since then. When she was first diagnosed it was hard for me to understand what had happened.  This was my happy go lucky, ice cream scooping, sunshine soaker, laughing best friend, and stuff like this just didn’t happen. I didn’t understand her disease or what she was going through, but I tried to be there the best that I could. When I was diagnosed with my auto immune disease, Becky was one of the only friends (in person)…

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