• Gratitude

    Guilt and Remission

    One day in and I want to give up. Trying to find the time to write a to do list is hard enough, carving out time to make this happen for 30 days is excruciatingly difficult. But it needs to happen. I can feel my jaw tighten at the end of the day because I am empty, empty, empty after giving it all away. I used to enjoy doing this. It used to give something back to me. Blogging. Letting the feelings flow from my fingertips to the keyboard and leaving it there. So, here I am, trying again. These posts are going to ramble, and be raw and real…

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  • Resources

    Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

    Were you just diagnosed with a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease? I’m sure you’re going through a lot of emotions right now as you begin to search for information on this autoimmune disease. As you navigate through the pages of the internet looking for answers, please remember this: Your body is exactly that. Your body. Designed to fit you and you alone. You have choices. What works for someone else might not work for you. Do the research to empower yourself to be your own advocate. Trust me, you will need to be. You are not alone! Here are links to some amazing IBD resources and patient advocates, and they…

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